Yes Cascadia: Break in Case of Emergency

Yes Cascadia is a peaceful and democratic political action organization that will stand up against policies that are reckless, dangerous or damaging to those living in the Pacific Northwest. Anything that threatens our standard of living, is harmful to any community of people, or to the bioregion itself, will result in escalating tiers of action up to and including a referendum for independence from the United States of America. 



Yes Cascadia stands for:

  • Personal Freedoms, Liberty and Privacy.

  • Civil Liberties, Social Justice and Human Rights.

  • Bioregional Resiliency, Autonomy and Interdependence.

  • Governmental Accountability, Transparency, and growing Democratic Institutions.

  • Environmental Sustainability, in all facets of life.   

  • A Stable, Local and Equitable Economy


We reject:

  • Any attack on our citizens.

  • Hate, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, and expressly oppose white supremacy

  • Defunding any public institution, program or city against the will of the people living here.

  • Attempts to create a registry that unfairly targets a segment of our population

  • Actions that escalate conflict, decrease the safety of, or jeopardize Cascadian citizens at home or abroad.

  • Revocation of rights and privileges that are enjoyed by Cascadian inhabitants.

  • Privatization or elimination of public resources, lands and benefits. 


In the event that these points are not respected, we will mobilize Cascadians to:

  • Raise awareness, reach out to affected partners and galvanize support for these causes.

  • Send written & verbal warnings of notice to elected officials and representatives.

  • Directly confront officials or organizations that participate in any of these harmful activities.

  • Create campaigns to remove funding from offending parties.

  • File initiatives, recalls or referendums to directly confront issues, organizations and leaders, and shift to local and equitable alternatives.


As a last resort, if the federal government fails to adhere to the points outlined in this document, Yes Cascadia will submit a referendum to peacefully and democratically secede from the United States of America.

Stand up, and ensure that Cascadia continues to have a bright and vibrant future. 

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