What are your ideas for a Cascadia Movement?

We want to hear your ideas about steps we should take if the petition is a success. We want to best use the momentum and passion everyone has around this issue to keep going. Share your ideas below.


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Will you help us host a Cascadian gathering in Portland?

Building on a successful assembly in Seattle that brought nearly 150 individuals, causes and organizations together for a day of Open Space planning, we want you to join us as we organize Cascadian Assemblies around the Pacific Northwest. We are looking for anyone interested to choose a time and location, or be willing to host an online/phone hangout on Sunday, November 27th to begin planning for a larger Cascadia Assembly in your city. To help these planning meetings, we will host a regional organizers conference call on Saturday afternoon (or are available at other times) to answer questions, share resources, and give a basic Yes Cascadia orientation. If you are interested, please email yescascadia@gmail.com Thank you!

Anyone doing any meetings in Portland on the 19th?

Can we talk about gun ownership?

Hunting, I think that's totally fine. Open-carry, I personally don't agree to that. Too dangerous to fly, too dangerous to own a gun. I can agree to the second amendment, but within reason. We should all agree that some guns are too deadly for public use. Giving a civilian access to armaments that rival police is a slippery slope.

Include all Western "blue states"

How/where do we sign the petition for Cascadia? Include all the blue West coast states. Eliminate the electoral college method.

Indigenous focused land reclamation

We should grant the management of the clear cuts in our national forests to the indigenous nations of our bioregion... The regrowth can be greatly sped forward through localized native plant focused permaculture management... The state can subsidize semi-permanent dwellings for groups of forest managers near clear cuts... Native heavy permaculture food production, along the lines of Sepp holtzers mountain homestead, in the vast clear cuts of the Mt hood national forest is just one example... This kind of management would reforest the mountains twice as fast and would vastly increase the sustainable and perennial based food production for our entire bio-region and would represent a massive acknowledgement of the first peoples whom were the victims of genocide so that our infrastructure could exist... I am sure this would be embraced if we could disseminate the idea to a larger audience, along with the facts of the effectiveness of traditional indigenous subsistence management practices and permaculture ...

Seriousness of Purpose

I appreciate the approach that has been taken by parties in the European Free Alliance in the European Union. Many parties in that grouping have supported taking steps toward greater autonomy and devolution initially with the eventual goal of independence. These parties include the Scottish National Party and parties representing the Basque Country in what is now Spain and France and Catalonia. A movement for Cascadia should not be reactionary to recent events alone, even if they are informed by them. Trump is not the be- and end-all for greater autonomy and independence. There are many other reasons such as bringing more political power closer to where it belongs. Any movement for Cascadian independence must, as a matter of practicality, be inclusive of people in conservative parts of the region and appeal to them as well. This can certainly be accomplished by focusing on concerns that everyone shares in common. Any effort worth anyone's valuable time and effort will also require a seriousness of purpose that eschews conspiracy theories, unproductive airings of grievances, grandstanding, or confusion of means and ends.

Need to get business onboard

We need to begin dialogues with businesses whose headquarters are located in our bioregion and get them active in these discussions. Our ideals will be quashed if we don't work with the economic powerhouses -- whether or not we are capitalists, we must work with the system as it is to get our voices heard.

We need a Blue Book, and to merge Cascadia with California (Pacifica, if you will).

Plain and simple. California has an amazing 33 page read about what a #Calexit would mean for them as a nation. If we are to be take seriously, we need to run this seriously. We need a Blue Book that can be digested easily, and clearly states what independence would mean for us. A committee should be set up, with Jennifer Rollins and Christian Trejbal who submitted the petition, where a true proposition can be laid out and shared with our neighbours to the North and South.

We must not run this as a partisan, leftist, campaign filled with buzzwords. Every Oregonian needs to have say in our decision. And every Oregonian has concerns that aren't being represented by TWO (nearly three) branches of the United States government.

We want independence because we are tired of the racial injustices and sexual inequalities in the United States.

We want independence because we are tired of stagnation in environmental protection and clean energy. To self-manage our lands. 

Because our taxes should to go to our education, our forests, infrastructure, and not to war.

Because everyone in our borders deserves equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Together with California, Washington, Nevada, and whoever else wants in, we can make a difference in this world. Please, contact me if there is anything I can do to help.

Racial Justice as top priority, People of Color steering the movement.

I really like the ideas about open source and direct democracy. There needs to be a stronger emphasis and points on racial justice, especially for Black people and especially for Indigenous people. I would even go as far to say that it should be listed as the first order of business. CA isn’t going to join unless this part of the platform is expanded, and people of color take primary leadership roles in the movement. If you want this to be inclusive outside of the mono-White state of OR, you’re going to need to make some revisions, and invite others into your movement with humility to issues surrounding White Supremacy, which is currently taking over the rest of the United States, which is why people want to secede… White Supremacy can be severe or it can be unnoticed — an all (or mostly) white leadership is still White Supremacy. You need California if you want this idea to work, so you need to make this movement steerable by people of color at the helm. That means hard conversations, listening, and not overriding narratives of POC, and not ignoring power dynamics that are persistently toxic and unconscious, emanated by white people, especially men. Humility. Humility. And call it that, without white-washing it, call it Racial Justice, not just the vague term “Social Justice”. Racial *AND* Social Justice. Specific wording needs to be on the primary platform goals.

And the other half?

What would be the consolidation plan with conservative eastern Washington, Oregon, and BC? Would this organization just represent the culture of the western side of the cascades?

Silicon valley and Sherman Pishevar (hyperloop)

It seems like there is work being started by a number of tech investors in Silicone Valley to start a secession movement (most of whom were likely wealthily ostrich-necked when it came to all local and even national movements to know about cascadia or to even consider it). In the long term it seems necessary to have their support if this is going to be a movement that achieves its goal. While silicone valley doesn't technically reside in the Cascades, politically and economically, San Fran would be an enormous anchor, economically, politically, artistically. Northern californians already believe themselves to be fundamentally different than centralians or southerners and the cascadia bioregion does extend to northern california. Thoughts?

If the petition was signed today!!!!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Feels great to have found this site! I am starting to feel hopeful again.

Protect Our Public Lands

Hello all, David Cannamore here. I'm a kayak guide in Gustavus, Alaska which is a small town near Glacier Bay National Park. Very soon the national parks, forests, and wildlife refuges of the west are going to be threatened. Federal organizations such as the National Park Service and U.S Forest Service are filled with hard working and passionate people who will not let these places disappear quietly and it would be a tremendous resource to Yes Cascadia to mobilize them. These parks are also populated with people like me who, though not affiliated with them, rely on them for our survival and am willing to do what it takes to keep them wild. Doing everything we can to preserve these places should be, in my opinion, a huge priority for Yes Cascadia as these wild places are a huge ingredient in what makes the Pacific Northwest such a fantastic place to live. Looking forward to meeting and working with everyone. Cheers.

Southeast Alaska

I don't really think this is a suggestion, but I live in Gustavus, Alaska at the Northern reaches of the Pacific Northwest biome. The culture and peoples here seem more tied to BC, Washington, and Oregon than the rest of Alaska. Southeast is home to some of the last intact temperate rainforests of the PNW and could benefit from people knowing of the Cascadia ideas and movement. I want to spread the word to people up here. Curious if you know of any folks that reside in SE Alaska that are in contact with you? Patrick

Remain focused on idependence

Please be sure to remain focused on one issue, and only one - independence for Cascadia. Ideological purity tests - "if you support us, you must also believe X" - are the places social movements go to die. The site so far is very good about this, so this more a compliment than a real suggestion.

Wanting more info - short and long term goals?

I wish your web site would say more about who you are, what you support/don't support, and what your short and long term goals are. On the front page, it is not even very clear what the petition is about. I like the idea of a Cascadia region, but need more information on exactly what you plan to do. Thanks!

Anyone in Portland up for organizing a meeting?

Would anyone in Portland like to help me get a meeting going? I was thinking of PSU Smith Building but I'm not currently a student there so it would cost about $120 for a medium size meeting space. If not SMSU, does someone know of a better place to have a meeting?

Petition for a ballot initiative


For this concept to work and to end up with good economic and trade leverage, we should work with the similar movement in California, and create one country with them.

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