Seriousness of Purpose

I appreciate the approach that has been taken by parties in the European Free Alliance in the European Union. Many parties in that grouping have supported taking steps toward greater autonomy and devolution initially with the eventual goal of independence. These parties include the Scottish National Party and parties representing the Basque Country in what is now Spain and France and Catalonia. A movement for Cascadia should not be reactionary to recent events alone, even if they are informed by them. Trump is not the be- and end-all for greater autonomy and independence. There are many other reasons such as bringing more political power closer to where it belongs. Any movement for Cascadian independence must, as a matter of practicality, be inclusive of people in conservative parts of the region and appeal to them as well. This can certainly be accomplished by focusing on concerns that everyone shares in common. Any effort worth anyone's valuable time and effort will also require a seriousness of purpose that eschews conspiracy theories, unproductive airings of grievances, grandstanding, or confusion of means and ends.

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