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    Thank you so much for donating to Vote Cascadia! Vote Cascadia is a 100% grassroots and supporter powered organization and movement. All members get our membership kit, which includes stickers, buttons, yard sign and organizing manual. All money goes to supporting activities as decided by our membership base. 


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    Yes Cascadia: A Declaration of Interdependence

    We, the inhabitants of the Cascadia Bioregion:

    Considering that we are all part of an interconnected, living, interrelated and interdependent system with a shared principles, common concerns and a shared future;

    recognizing that just as Cascadia is comprised of watersheds, that the world is made up of similar and unique bioregions, each with their own needs and concerns, that;

    I, _____________, as a Cascadian, do hereby promise to live intentionally for the good of the Bioregion, and its inhabitants. Through my actions and choices, I will work to

    • be responsible and accountable for my actions and choices,

    • support groups, businesses, food, items and events that are local, sustainable and ethical; that fit into a global system responsibly,

    • Help spread bioregionalism and grow a network of watershed movements; for a bioregion that is vibrant, resilient and autonomous.

    • Support systems that are democratic, accountable and transparent, and that help increase our regional ‘inter-dependence’ and independence, in mutual collaboration.

    • Work to build a positive and inclusive movement, and treat those working to make our region and world a better place with respect, support and compassion.

    • Promote healthy communities and build lasting relationships.

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    Stand up, and ensure that Cascadia continues to have a bright and vibrant future. 

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Dalten Hansen-White

Dalten Hansen-White