2018 Upcoming Voter Registration Deadlines for US Portions of Cascadia

Listed Below are the Upcoming Deadlines for the US portions of Cascadia for the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, California, Wyoming, Montana and Nevada. While voting in a broken system might have little impact on a federal scale - we can continue to push for systems which better represent our values, needs and principles, as well as the people and our communities - on a local level. 

If you plan on voting in the midterm elections on Nov. 6, the 2018 voter registration will end in less than 17 days for residents in 19 states. Here is a state-by-state guide for the voter registration deadlines according to Vote.org, Headcount and each state’s Secretary of State.

While some people take joy in registering as 'Cascadian' on their voter registration - this is certainly not necessary. Vote Cascadia encourages every person to help take what it means to be a place based movement and identity, to whatever political ideology that best serves them. For example you can be a 'Cascadian' Libertarian, Green, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Anarchist, Socialist, Communist - and we encourage you to work with other politically ideological similar folks in your areas to find ways to better represent Cascadian and bioregional principles in your party and communities. Vote Cascadia and Bioregionalism is like the worm that will devour the dead, corrupted flesh of these currently rotting political parties and constructs.

To learn more about how to get active in these ways check our Be Involved or Volunteer Page. 


  • In-Person: You can register in person until Sunday, Oct. 7.
  • By Mail: You can download this form to register by mail until Sunday, Oct. 7.
  • Online: You can register here until Sunday, Oct. 7.


  • In-Person: You have until Monday, Oct. 22, to register to fill out this form and take it to a voter registration location. You can also conditionally register to vote up to and including on Election Day in person at your county elections office, or, in some counties, at a county elections satellite office or vote center.
  • By Mail: To request a paper voter registration application be mailed to you, please call (800) 345-VOTE(8683) or email Elections Division staff by Monday, Oct. 22.
  • Online: You can register here until Monday, Oct. 22.

If the voter registration deadline has passed, you can still conditionally register to vote and cast a provisional ballot in person at your County Elections Office at any time up to and including Election Day. Your provisional ballot will be counted when your County Elections Official verifies your voter registration.

Conditional registration may also be available in County Elections satellite offices and vote centers.


  • In-Person: You can register until Election Day. (You must show proof of residence to register at the polls on Election Day.)
  • By Mail: Download this form to register by mail before Friday, Oct. 12.
  • Online: You can register here until Friday, Oct. 12.


  • In-Person: You can register until Tuesday, Oct. 9.
  • By Mail: Download this form to register by mail before Tuesday, Oct. 9
  • Online: N/A


  • In-Person: You can register until Tuesday, Oct. 16.
  • By Mail: Download this form to register by mail before Tuesday, Oct. 16
  • Online: You can register here until Tuesday, Oct. 16.


  • In-Person: You can register until Monday, Oct. 29.
  • By Mail: Download this form to register by mail before Monday, Oct. 8.
  • Online: You can register here until Monday, Oct. 8.

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