Incremental steps

Look to France and Germany as an example. What is now the EU started out as a handful of member states working together to mutually support their interests. It blossomed into the European Economic Community, then the European Community, then eventually the EU. Find a way to align the interests of Oregon, Washington, BC, and if you want to shoot for the moon, Alaska and the Yukon. Build from there and watch us grow.

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  • Darren Dezutter
    commented 2016-11-10 15:12:05 -0800
    An initiative has already been filed in Oregon. It was just reported on KOMO.
  • Andrew Stephenson
    commented 2016-11-10 15:07:25 -0800
    Exactly. Incremental steps are key. To do that, we need to start filing for a state initiative and begin getting signatures immediately. This builds a volunteer base, begins donations, starts media attention and gives existing volunteers something to do.

    Let’s choose a state initiative to unite under and start there.
  • Christopher Aitken
    followed this page 2016-11-10 13:30:47 -0800
  • Casey Sonnier
    tagged this with Good 2016-11-10 13:03:32 -0800
  • Darren Dezutter
    published this page in Your ideas 2016-11-10 12:14:01 -0800
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