Welcome to the site for Cascadian Independence

Yes Cascadia is a grass-roots social movement dedicated to building awareness and support for local democracy, global community and the freedom and eventual independence of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia and all of the prefectures that make up the Cascadia bioregion. Cascadia is a unique coastal-mountain bioregion between San Francisco and the Alaskan panhandle in which the dominant culture is one of respect and honor for the environment and a strong tradition of democracy and social justice.

By working in our communities around the Pacific Northwest, Yes Cascadia strengthens personal freedoms and a robust local economy while creating a regenerative society that values and protects our unique ecosystem. America & Canada are too big, and our interests are better represented by the people themselves, rather than in a distant seat of power.

Yes Cascadia is dedicated to placing the idea of Cascadia into mainstream political thought as a viable solution to contemporary problems. With complete energy independence based on renewable resources and an economy that ranks within the world's top 20, we are in a unique position to fully realize these goals. The borders of Cascadia vary, but by some estimates stretch from 42° to 60° north latitude. It's western border consists of the Pacific Coast and a portion of the American state of Alaska. On the east, it borders the American states of Idaho and the Canadian province of Alberta. Cascadia is divided into three prefectures: British Columbia, Oregon and Washington.

Bioregions are natural countries. Other than independence, we do not propose any specific type of government or nation. Maybe it will be one united government, maybe a confederation of the many peoples and nations living here. What we do realize and propose is that the people living here are the best able to decide that question. This also recognizes that we are unceded and ceded lands of the many indigenous nations and communities that live here. This movement starts with a true conversation about reconciliation with each, and finding pathways forward that involve all of us.

The Cascadia independence movement has been featured by countless of publications, including USA today, Yes Magazine, the Guardian, New York Times, Seattle Times, The Seattle MET, the Seattle Stranger, Oregonian, chosen by Vice Magazine as their personal favorite secessionist movement, and one of Time Magazine's most likely Aspiring Nations - behind Tibet, Scotland, and Quebec.

Fast Facts:

  • Population: 16 million people (16,029,520). Roughly equivalent to Ecuador, Guatemala, or Scandinavia.
  • GDP: 1.613147 trillion worth of goods and services annually, placing it as the worlds 9th largest economy, larger than Russia and roughly equivalent to that of Canada or Italy (2017).
  • Land Area: By land area Cascadia would be the 20th largest country in the world, with a land area of 534,572 sq mi (1,384,588 km2), placing it behind Mongolia. 

With a GDP of 356 billion, Cascadia's largest city Seattle has an economy slightly smaller than Thailand, but larger than Colombia and Venezuela. The region also has one of the fastest growing clean energy sectors in the world, is energy sufficient, generating almost all of its energy based on renewable resources, and already exports electricity to surrounding states and provinces. Our home contains the largest tracts of untouched old growth temperate rainforests in the world, 7 of the top 10 worlds carbon absorbing forests, the worlds tallest trees, thousands of volcanoes, hot springs, rivers, lakes, inlets, island and ocean, and some of the last diminishing, though still impressive wild habitats of salmon, wolves, bear, whale, orca and other amazing, but rapidly disappearing creatures.

These facts matter a lot, because ultimately, by living here, Cascadians have a disproportionate ability to effect and inspire global policy and imagination.

The local impact that we have here in Cascadia, reverberates around the world.