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As a grassroots, democratic organization and movement, Vote Cascadia is only as powerful as the energy that you put into it! Members of Vote Cascadia identify problems and concerns in our communities, highlight the issues and principles most important to them. Through research, relationships and action these problems and concerns become our Campaigns. We usually have more than one active campaign at any given time. The more Campaigns we win — the stronger we get.

Each region will have different needs, and each community will be best positioned to speak for it's own needs. Let us know what is important for you.  Issues and Campaigns are checked and approved through our endorsement policy on a quarterly basis, and integrated into our short term and long term strategic planning annually, as approved by our membership. Members may also create local committees to endorse and undertake campaigns in their own watershed based on our bioregional endorsement policy. 


Make Vote Cascadia Your Movement: 

What you find important power this movement. Your input has a direct impact on virtually every aspect of our organization. If you have any questions or would like to submit an item, you can read our endorsement policy, submission and etiquette guidelines here. Also - every person can: 

Share a Project or Idea:

Suggest ideas that you would like to see for the Cascadia Movement, Vote Cascadia, or that would benefit that Cascadia Bioregion. It can be an idea for principles we should embrace, or campaigns we should undertake. As ideas form, we will form committees open to any member to help execute on an idea or project. You can suggest an idea, or give feedback on existing projects and ideas here. 

Suggest an Issue or Principle: 

Suggest an issue or principle that you feel the Cascadia Movement or Vote Cascadia should embrace. Issues and principles are the things that are most important to our organization, movement, supporters and membership base. Together, they make up a list of the top things that guide where we will focus our energy, our general strategy, and out of which come our campaigns and actions. You can suggest a principle, issue or give feedback on existing ideas. 

Suggest or Endorse a Campaign:

Suggest specific campaigns that you feel are important from your own watershed, city, county, state or for the bioregion as a whole. While Issues specify what we should prioritize and care about, Campaigns are the work we do. Campaigns can be large or small, but should meet the following criteria: They must be based in, and better the livelihood of those living in the bioregion, or the bioregion itself; They must be specific and measurable; They must be winnable. Feel free to include links, or how people can get involved. You can suggest a principle, issue or give feedback on existing ideas. 



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