Suggest specific campaigns that you feel are important from your own watershed, city, county, state or for the bioregion as a whole. While Issues specify what we should prioritize and care about, Campaigns are the work we do. 

Campaigns can be large or small, but must meet the following criteria: They must be based in, and better the livelihood of those living in the bioregion, or the bioregion itself; They must be specific and measurable; They must be winnable. Feel free to include links, or how people can get involved. If you would like to submit or comment on a campaign, please read our submission, endorsement and etiquette policy.

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Oppose Matt Manweller, Washington 13th

Matt Manweller is running for Washington State legislature but has already stated that he plans to resign before the session begins. If people vote for Matt Manweller they are voting for person that will be selected by a committee rather than voted by the people.

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