Officials eye Cascadia High Speed Rail

The idea of Cascadia High Speed Rail could become a reality, as local governments and leaders continue to explore the idea of a fast option down the primary Cascadia Megaregion corridor, just 17% of the landmass, but home to more than 80% of the population a new report by KATU states.

The trains travel at an average speed of 250 mph, and could mean trips between Portland and Seattle in about an hour, and from Portland to Vancouver B.C. in just over two hours. The study was requested by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and the state legislature, with the idea that the high-speed travel connection is key to the future of the “Cascadia Mega Region.”
If it goes forward, officials said they hope to have trains running by 2035. There is currently an Amtrak line that runs between Portland and Vancouver, which currently takes about 9 hours to complete the 344-mile trip. The project could cost upwards of $40 billion to complete, the Washington State Department of Transportation said.
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