Decentralized Democracy

Bioregionalism and Cascadia is an inherently decentralized, democratic and autonomous philosophy and movement. While bioregions are continuous and interconnected geographies and ecosystems, every watershed is a little bit different - based on the topography, rainfall, soil composition, the flora and fauna - and will have different needs, with different ecosystems that have adapted for thousands of years to best thrive there. While overall, we will have shared concerns, values and principles that stem from sharing a bioregion together, and use these to move ourselves away from boundaries and borders which are arbitrary and divisive - Vote Cascadia as a place based movement embraces this diversity as its greatest strength. The best people to represent an issue are those most affected by it. There is no one right answer, rather there will be thousands of answers, each slightly different and working together, that will create a truly autonomous and democratic system that can best represent the land and people living there. Working together, through systems of participatory, transparent and local governance, built on voluntary, trust based mutual aid, Cascadia is a movement of thousands of individuals, causes and communities working towards a shared vision and goal.

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