Flagship Seattle Meeting a Wonderful Success


Dear Yes Cascadians,


A resounding THANK YOU, for participating in our foundational Seattle Yes Cascadia Organization Assembly this past Saturday. More than 150 people from dozens of organizations, working in nearly a dozen teams blew our expectations out of the water.

It was wonderful to have so many voices join together to discuss solutions and strategies to make our unique and special bioregion better for everyone. Together, we represent a diverse group of Cascadians with people representing the following organizations in attendance at the first assembly:

  • Hempfest
  • Idle No More
  • Got Green
  • Earthcare Not Warfare
  • Code Pink
  • Sustainable Ballard
  • Black Lives Matter
  • 350 Seattle
  • Earthship Seattle
  • Cascadia NW Festival
  • CascadiaNow!
  • Real Ideal
  • 206zulu.org
  • Herbal Medics Cascadia HMC
  • E.D.E.D. (ecotopian determination network)
  • S.E.A.D. Cooperative
  • Carnival de Resistance
  • Triangle Recreation Camp

We’re inspired by all of the work we accomplished together and want to encourage everyone to stay motivated and move forward within your work groups before our next Cascadian Seattle Assembly on Saturday December 10th. We encourage each work group to schedule a time to meet up so you can discuss your progress and collaborative strategies going forward.

Below we have a list of all of the working groups that coalesced during the assembly:

  • Exchange & Economy - Alternative currency
  • Events & Outreach - Music & Arts events
  • Political Documents - Green Book
  • Local Political Involvement - Operating in existing structures
  • Sustainability & Green Living - Earthship, Tiny Houses
  • Youth Movement - Youth Outreach, Teaching & Inclusion
  • Weekly Meetings - Neighborhood connections& Street Teams

When each group organizes its meet-up in the next couple of weeks, please email us with details and a contact person.

2nd Cascadia Seattle Assembly Details:

When: Saturday December 10th at 2pm

Where: The Double Header, 407 2nd Ave Ext S, Seattle, WA 98104


  • Welcome first time visitors and volunteers!
  • Reports from each working group and synergy strategies
  • Time for work groups to meet
  • Neighborhood street action proposals and activities

In addition, we will also be hosting a Seattle General Coordinating Council on December 11th for organizations that help represent marginalized, and vulnerable communities to help make sure that all of Cascadia's citizens are represented, safe and protected, and to help coordinate January 20th activities.

Finally, we’re issuing a callout for individuals who would like to join a Volunteer Coordination Team and a Media Team. Anyone interested in joining those teams, please respond via email and we’ll get you onboard!

Thank you again for all of your time, energy and ideas. We look forward to seeing you all again,

- The Yes Cascadian Team

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