Personal Freedoms and Civil Liberties

Cascadians live in a land of abundance and seek to thrive. Cascadia is a bioregion and movement that helps define an aggressive regionalism, or what I like to call a 'progressive libertarianism'. Different culturally than many places in North America, many Cascadians feel that what an adult does is no business of anyone else, as long as it does not interfere or harm others. We lean towards a data driven, fairly fiscally conservative, socially liberal mindset that ensures that everyone, regardless of background, personal traits or philosophy, each has the same opportunity to live a successful, fulfilling life, with a loose safety net that makes sure none of societies most vulnerable or in need fall through the cracks, while we try to better live with and find harmony and balance with our resources, land base and our home. If something could potentially be harmful for others - then creating systems for harm reduction, responsibility, accountability and education is a preferred pathway for many. More than government or corporation - an individuals personal freedom, liberty, rights and ability for pursuit of happiness and to collectively forge a better future for our region and world is paramount.

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