Core Principles

"Vote Cascadia is an Infusion of Direct Democracy into a Representative System"

Vote Cascadia is a 21st century reboot for our American and Canadian political systems that elects Delegates watershed by watershed that are bound to vote as their constituents dictate, rather than representatives who vote on their own will. 

This model of 'Delegative Democracy', is a scalable and effective way to have both the advantages of a localized direct democracy and a representative model for a larger scale policy creation, and means that every person has a role to play, and can be as engaged as they choose. 

  • Be a Delegate

    Delegates are chosen to represent how a majority of their constituents has decided. Internally, our goal is to use Liquid Democracy - which lets people vote directly on an issue, or assign their votes to other people based on networks of reputation and trust to determine how Cascadian delegates will interact in external political systems. As they are appointed or elected, delegates in this way become an infusion of democracy into our representative system.

    The advantage of this system include:  
    • everybody can find out about an initiative
    • everybody can contribute by making suggestions
    • everybody can create an alternative initiative
    • everybody can vote in the end or delegate the vote to someone they trust.

  • Create a Committee

  • A Democratic Member Base 

    Vote Cascadia is a member run and controlled organization. Members have voting rights, decide budget matters, may propose or endorse local candidates, initiatives, referendums or campaigns, create a local or issue based Vote Cascadia Committee or offer to be a Vote Cascadia delegate on a political level.  
  • Volunteer

    Cascadia is your movement, and there are many ways to be involved. Share the idea and movement with friends, share ideas you have for the Cascadia movement or why you feel Cascadia is important, write a blog post, share a campaign or candidate you support, give Vote Cascadia an endorsement, volunteer or become a member. 


Additional Resources:

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