Cory Kenoyer

I support Yes Cascadia because we together with our neighbours we can do something never done before: Leave the United States and form a new representative government where we all get a voice.

  • commented on California? 2016-11-11 15:51:29 -0800
    I can’t imagine this being a difficult accomplishment. As many of you have said, and all of us have noticed #Calexit has a huge amount of support. If our two groups support, and push for one another then we both stand a better chance. This isn’t a Bio-regional issue, it’s a human one. We western states are blue for a reason, and that reason is we see the value in diversity and equality. Merging together would simply exemplify that and show the world we are serious about our stance on progressive issues.

  • commented on Can we talk about gun ownership? 2016-11-11 18:58:51 -0800
    Perfect idea Andrew. Actually that works out very well for me. I have a couple friends in Switzerland who I bounced the idea off of and they say that their system has left them feeling safer. Those who own guns are extensively trained to use them, purposefully for the protection of their country.

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  • commented on Need to get business onboard 2016-11-11 12:55:49 -0800
    This is a crucial step. How do you recommend we go about that? What can we assure businesses when the time comes?

  • commented on Racial Justice as top priority, People of Color steering the movement. 2016-11-11 03:13:47 -0800
    I agree. We need the full diversity of Oregon at the helm for this. Its important to start that dialogue now.

  • commented on We need a Blue Book, and to merge Cascadia with California (Pacifica, if you will). 2016-11-11 18:33:39 -0800
    The original petition that was submitted has been rescinded by the two Portland based authors. I think this is high time for an official plan and document of Yes Cascadia. Yes California is far more organized than we are at the moment. We need to know that the leaders of this campaign are listening to these ideas and reaching out. There are peaceful protests in Portland as we speak. Getting out there and showing our support, while educating and gaining signatures should be a priority.

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  • signed Bioregional Pledge 2016-11-10 23:28:17 -0800

    Yes Cascadia: A Declaration of Interdependence

    We, the inhabitants of the Cascadia Bioregion:

    Considering that we are all part of an interconnected, living, interrelated and interdependent system with a shared principles, common concerns and a shared future;

    recognizing that just as Cascadia is comprised of watersheds, that the world is made up of similar and unique bioregions, each with their own needs and concerns, that;

    I, _____________, as a Cascadian, do hereby promise to live intentionally for the good of the Bioregion, and its inhabitants. Through my actions and choices, I will work to

    • be responsible and accountable for my actions and choices,

    • support groups, businesses, food, items and events that are local, sustainable and ethical; that fit into a global system responsibly,

    • Help spread bioregionalism and grow a network of watershed movements; for a bioregion that is vibrant, resilient and autonomous.

    • Support systems that are democratic, accountable and transparent, and that help increase our regional ‘inter-dependence’ and independence, in mutual collaboration.

    • Work to build a positive and inclusive movement, and treat those working to make our region and world a better place with respect, support and compassion.

    • Promote healthy communities and build lasting relationships.

    880 signatures

    Stand up, and ensure that Cascadia continues to have a bright and vibrant future. 

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Cory Kenoyer

Cory Kenoyer

I'm a young man who wants to make a difference in the world.
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