Protect Our Public Lands

Hello all, David Cannamore here. I'm a kayak guide in Gustavus, Alaska which is a small town near Glacier Bay National Park. Very soon the national parks, forests, and wildlife refuges of the west are going to be threatened. Federal organizations such as the National Park Service and U.S Forest Service are filled with hard working and passionate people who will not let these places disappear quietly and it would be a tremendous resource to Yes Cascadia to mobilize them. These parks are also populated with people like me who, though not affiliated with them, rely on them for our survival and am willing to do what it takes to keep them wild. Doing everything we can to preserve these places should be, in my opinion, a huge priority for Yes Cascadia as these wild places are a huge ingredient in what makes the Pacific Northwest such a fantastic place to live. Looking forward to meeting and working with everyone. Cheers.

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