Endorse a Candidate

Suggest specific candidates you feel represent bioregional principles and that Vote Cascadia should endorse publicly - especially from your own watershed, city, county or state. If you would like to endorse a candidate, please use our Political Endorsement Guidelines.

Candidates endorsed by Vote Cascadia should:

  • be working to better the livelihood of those living in the bioregion, or the bioregion itself.
  • have a majority of funding from from individuals
  • have support in line with the stated principles and policies of Vote Cascadia

Please feel free to include how people can get involved, existing links or social media, steps that you would like members to take, or if you are looking to expand an existing campaign from one area to another.

Each different region will have different needs, and each community will be best positioned to speak for it's own needs. If this is an important issue to you, you may also write a blog post. You can read our endorsement policy here and our publishing guidelines here. If a campaign is specific to an area, please make sure to note it. Issues and Campaigns are checked and approved through our endorsement policy on a quarterly basis, and integrated into our short term and long term strategic planning annually, in person and open to all members, and as decided by our membership through email and online approval. 

Members may also create local committees to endorse and undertake campaigns in their own watershed based on our bioregional endorsement policy. 

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
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