Yes Cascadia: A Declaration of Interdependence

We, the inhabitants of the Cascadia Bioregion:

Considering that we are all part of an interconnected, living, interrelated and interdependent system with a shared principles, common concerns and a shared future;

recognizing that just as Cascadia is comprised of watersheds, that the world is made up of similar and unique bioregions, each with their own needs and concerns, that;

I, _____________, as a Cascadian, do hereby promise to live intentionally for the good of the Bioregion, and its inhabitants. Through my actions and choices, I will work to

  • be responsible and accountable for my actions and choices,

  • support groups, businesses, food, items and events that are local, sustainable and ethical; that fit into a global system responsibly,

  • Help spread bioregionalism and grow a network of watershed movements; for a bioregion that is vibrant, resilient and autonomous.

  • Support systems that are democratic, accountable and transparent, and that help increase our regional ‘inter-dependence’ and independence, in mutual collaboration.

  • Work to build a positive and inclusive movement, and treat those working to make our region and world a better place with respect, support and compassion.

  • Promote healthy communities and build lasting relationships.

Stand up, and ensure that Cascadia continues to have a bright and vibrant future. 

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