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Thank You! and Welcome to Vote Cascadia

Vote Cascadia is a 100% individually supported grassroots organization. By becoming a member you empower each of us to stand up for the issues we care about and build the systems and world we want to see and need.

By Becoming a Member, you: 

  • have voting rights for how the Vote Cascadia organization allocates its budget,
  • have voting rights for issues, campaigns and endorsements Vote Cascadia undertakes
  • get invites to all in person gatherings, conventions and conferences
  • can volunteer as an organizer with Vote Cascadia
  • can be a Cascadia Delegate if you so choose
  • can form a Cascadia Committee to undertake 

Within the next year you will: 

  • receive a membership kit, with other Cascadia goodies
  • receive discounts at Cascadian businesses that are a part of our Cascadia Alliance

As a Member, Take the Next Step:

  • Share Cascadia: Check out Posters, Members, Printables and Shareables
  • Give Vote Cascadia your Endorsement
  • Share Why Cascadia is important to you
  • Share or give feedback about an important campaign or candidate that you feel passionately about. 
  • Share or give feedback about an Issue or Principle you feel the Cascadia movement should adopt
  • Share or give feedback about an idea for a Cascadia Project  


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