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The Amplifier Foundation, responsible for the distribution of tens of thousands evocative posters for the Womxn's March in 2018 and 2019 has launched a new campaign and kick starter campaign We The Future to help provide free materials for more than 20,000 classrooms around the United States. We the Future are young leaders at the forefront of change, and they’re building organizations and movements all across the country. They are are drafting and passing legislation. They are working on climate justice, criminal justice reform, voting rights, immigration justice and immigrant rights, disability justice, gun reform, queer rights, and literacy, and they are changing the world. Now - The Amplifier project has released a new kickstarter campaign to distribute artwork, and accompanying teaching tools outlining paths to real-world action, to 20,000 or more classrooms during the 2018-2019 school year. Join Amplifier and 20,000 educators across the country to tell a new story about the future of America.


This fall the Amplifier Project is launching our next non-partisan art campaign, We the Future. This program will amplify young leaders who are building organizations and movements across the country, that are drafting and passing new legislation, fighting for voting rights, and leading efforts on criminal justice reform, immigration rights, gun reform, disability justice, queer and trans rights, literacy, women's rights, and climate justice. In partnership with artists such as Shepard Fairey, Kate Deciccio, Rommy Torrico and Munk One, these visuals, and the storytelling surrounding them will be shared with you to engage students in dialogue, inspire them to take action, and reshape the national narrative.  

You can join their kickstarter here or if you are an educator, click here to sign up for free resources for your classroom!

These 20,000 classrooms are just the beginning. The larger goal is to build capacity and networks so we can start getting these icons and their ideas into every school in America in some form, whether as posters, textbook illustrations, or the basis for curriculum. 

Their work is not partisan.  It is forming the basis of a new era of human and environmental rights. These icons carry the energy of countless communities and are already showing us a path forward, a way out of this time of uncertainty. These leaders are showing us that the Future is already here, and the work is already happening.

About the Artists

SHEPARD FAIREY is one of the most accomplished street artists in the world and the creator and founder of Obey Clothing and Obey Giant. He first became known for his "Andre The Giant has a Posse" sticker campaign while at the Rhode Island School of Design. His Barack Obama "Hope" poster became iconic during the 2008 presidential election.

ROMMY TORRICO is a queer, trans, undocumented artivist born in Iquique, Chile, raised in Naples, Florida, and currently based out of New York. Rommy has been involved in the (im)migrant rights struggle for several years and infuses much of their work with personal experience and the stories their community shares. Their work has been exhibited in California, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

MUNK ONE is a contemporary American illustrator, poster artist, political cartoonist, and fine artist from California. He is well known for creating artwork for major-label musical acts like Pearl Jam, Primus, and Soundgarden, as well as for world renowned brands, clothing lines, and magazines.

KATE DECICCIO is an artist, educator, and cultural organizer focused on creating counter narratives and community-led storytelling. Informed by her experiences teaching art at Leadership High School, San Quentin Prison, St. Elizabeth’s John Howard Forensic Pavilion and working as a mental health and substance abuse counselor at Grove St. House in San Francisco, her process centers the subjects of her portraits as co-collaborators, ensuring that each portrait reflects how the person sees themselves

It’s time to listen to their voices.  

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