What does it mean to Vote Cascadia?


Vote Cascadia means that every community will have different needs, experiences and backgrounds, and that each community will be the best to speak about those issues directly impacting it. This diversity is our strength, and rather than one right answer, it will be thousands, working together to build the change we need - for ourselves, our neighbors and world. Specifically, Vote Cascadia:

  • Empowers every person to be active about the issues that they care about
  • Improves the well being of the bioregion, or those living here.
  • Removes ourselves from systems which are toxic, negative or arbitrary, and move to systems which better represent our place and people.
  • Expands digital privacy, protections, freedoms and civil liberties on a personal level, while increasing the autonomy, independence, resilience and inter-dependence of the Cascadia bioregion.
  • Supports local democracy, governmental accountability and transparency, with a data driven approach while ending misinformation campaigns, out of state interference in local elections, and prioritizing people as primary stakeholders in elections.

Around a shared bioregional principle and ethic.

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