Why are you any different than other political parties or groups?


Vote Cascadia is a place based, grassroots pro-democracy movement and organization. Unlike other political parties, Vote Cascadia is an organization for every person living within Cascadia. We think every watershed and community will have different needs and experiences, and different ways to deal with those problems in the most efficient way. We think this diversity is our greatest strength, and that rather than one answer, it will take thousands working together to build the real solutions we need. 

Our goal rather than to tell you what to think or vote - is to create and build a democratic framework to empower your voice, expand personal freedoms and protections, to remove ourselves from systems which are toxic, negative and non-representative, and to create data driven solutions that allow every person to create informed decisions, to the best of their ability. 

As a democratic organization and membership base - members of Vote Cascadia identify problems and concerns in our communities, highlight the issues and principles most important to them. Every person can suggest issues, principles and campaigns - become a delegate or create a committee. Issues and Campaigns are checked and approved through our endorsement policy, and approved by our membership. Members may also create local committees to endorse and undertake campaigns in their own watershed based on our bioregional endorsement policy. 

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