Need to get business onboard

We need to begin dialogues with businesses whose headquarters are located in our bioregion and get them active in these discussions. Our ideals will be quashed if we don't work with the economic powerhouses -- whether or not we are capitalists, we must work with the system as it is to get our voices heard.

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  • Beth Yockey Jones
    commented 2016-11-11 16:46:55 -0800
    Well Cory, I think the first step is to make a plan – what will happen in terms of our borders – I am not an expert at all – I would need to study some history on what has worked vs. what hasn’t. We will additionally need to look at a proposed tax structure and how we can make it attractive to keep headquarters here. If you look at the businesses who have been boycotting NC recently after HB2 – it is clear that we have a lot of very progressive companies, but the bottom line is still going to drive their decision-making processes. Getting some key leaders on board during the discussion process would be helpful. Who do we know? I know some people in Seattle, but I think everything is still too nebulous to even approach them.
  • Cory Kenoyer
    commented 2016-11-11 12:55:49 -0800
    This is a crucial step. How do you recommend we go about that? What can we assure businesses when the time comes?
  • Cory Kenoyer
    tagged this with Important 2016-11-11 12:55:49 -0800
  • Beth Yockey Jones
    published this page in Your ideas 2016-11-11 09:22:03 -0800
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