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Suggest ideas that you would like to see for the Cascadia Movement, Vote Cascadia, or that would benefit that Cascadia Bioregion. As ideas form, we will form committees open to any member to help execute on an idea or project. 

Ideas can be large or small, but must meet the following criteria: Should be specific to Cascadia or the Cascadia movement; be a campaign, issue or project not currently in existence; be Positive and Affirming - that we can work towards. If you would like to submit or comment on a campaign, please read our submission, endorsement and etiquette policy.

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A Cascadian Bill of Digital Rights

We hold these truths to be self evident.... that "Every human has an inalienable right to own their data, and no institution, government, or private entity shall deprive them of those rights. No exploitation of human data shall be permitted without the explicit consent of the human, including the right to create data about a human, and how their data is used. Every human has the right to revoke any and all data licenses they may provide during the course of their life, at any time, and for any reason. ..." It is crazy that Cascadia as a hub for technology and innovation in the world is still stuck in the regulatory framework of the United States and Canada, much of which still harkens back to a pre-digital age. Vote Cascadia must act to help implement a 21st century and updated Bill of Digital Rights to protect the privacy and data of individuals for a thriving digital ecosystem for generations to come.

The CGDPR: Cascadia General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a unified set of regulatory framework for all of Europe and the most sweeping set of protection for individuals just passed in the EU this year. Cascadia, as a home of technology that drives innovation around the world - must be at the forefront in North America of working on Data protection and privacy law. I would like to see the creation of the Cascadia GDPR, to gain voluntary adopters through non-profit, tech companies and universities working in the Cascadia Innovation Corridor, and then to lobby for a base set of principles at the same level of gaurunteed personal protections, freedoms and regulatory authority as needed for a 21st century digital society needs. You can learn more about the EU GDPR here:

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